first english post

because i live in italy now, i thought i would switch to a more international language. english it is. what to blog about? yoga, vogue, trends? yes and no. still i have my passions and yoga is one for sure to stay. because it still stills the fluctuations of the mind. vogue is still something i glance at but also gives me an awareness “challenge”.

the fashion world is foremost build on the old economic system of growth, something i don’t believe in. as vandana shiva said in the trendspotting documentary on slow food mankind is better of with finding satisfaction, happiness and quality. we still live in this world but we can strive with the immune system of the world for change (as mentioned by max-neef in the same documentary).

how about trends? in april i co-wrote an article with caroline van beekhoff for second sight which has the subject: beyond trends. as we write in that article we believe in a new world (new earth/new paradigm) without trends. it talks about the awareness of unity, unity in everybody, everything. with no need for trends. what to write about next?



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